From educational spaces to industrial facilities to multi-level commercial buildings, the heart and soul of our business is building yours.

What We Offer

Our crew is dedicated to the development of innovative sustainable building techniques that address specific climates, material behaviour, and cultural contexts, with renovations ranging from $1K to exceeding $3M in masonry. With a well-respected track record behind us, and a solid outlook ahead, we’ve learned that our collaborative experience with new construction, renovations, and expansions creates exceptional solutions and results for our clients.

Our Services


Our team uses the finest materials paired with expert craftsmanship to construct block masonry, brick masonry, cut limestone masonry, glass block work, natural stone masonry, synthetic stone work, and more.


We work alongside engineers, architects, property owners, and heritage societies to achieve the best possible restoration outcome. We use a variety of restoration techniques, such as chemical cleaning, chimney rebuilding, sandblasting, and more.


Our team of expert masons will masterfully change or modify an existing masonry structure, including services and techniques such as demolition, interior partition walls, masonry infilling, masonry openings, and more.


Our expert masons find the right brick colours, textures, and sizes to match your existing bricks. Our team masterfully fixes brick destruction while protecting the area from future damage.


Due to durability and extreme weather resilience, stone provides years of maintenance-free use. Replacing bricks or blocks with stone is an attractive, cost-effective alternative. We ensure your stone work is 100% to your satisfaction.


Our craftsmen are skilled making concrete look attractive while preserving functionality and longevity. Decorative blocks require greater skill to tie textures together. Our masons are experts raising the elegance of your project using blocks.